Marketing IT development

Marketing IT Potentiale

Our experts support you in identifying and systematically developing the potential for performance and innovation that is emerging from the technology level.

Marketing-IT Landscape


Marketing IT Landscape

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Typical questions

  • What are the effects of a planned marketing technology implementation?
  • What ROI / benefit can be expected from a corresponding marketing technology investment?
  • What changes result from a planned technology investment?
  • To what extent can the identified requirements be covered by standard software or by an individual development?
  • How do we sustainably describe and document our requirements?
  • How do we develop a coherent requirements specification document?
  • How do we protect our planned technology investments?
  • On what basis do we form a rational and fact-based evaluation process?
  • How do we find the appropriate technology and the appropriate service provider from cost-benefit perspective?
  • How do we ensure the scalability of our technology investments in the medium term?
  • How do we ensure that our defined requirements are carefully implemented as planned?
  • How do we ensure that our defined requirements are implemented in-time and in-budget?
  • How to streamline collaboration processes together wit our service providers?
  • How to perfectly integrate service providers into our value-chain?

Angebot Impuls-Workshop Marketing IT

Marketing IT Incentive Workshop


  • Which marketing tasks are supported in which form and by which IT system?
  • Are there overlaps or areas with under-supply of smart technology support?
  • To which extent are the various marketing IT systems interlinked and integrated?
  • To what extent do the existing marketing IT systems favor process-oriented marketing work?


  • Classification of the Marketing IT development ratio (maturity level) on a scale of 1-10.
  • Analyses of strength / weaknesses
  • Highlight areas of improvement
  • Recommendation of the procedure to systematically exploit the identified optimization potentials.


  • Preparation / Kick-off briefing
  • Conduct 1-day workshopo
  • Post-processing / documentation of the results


10 working days from kick-off briefing to delivery of the results



7'500.00 CHF