Marketing strategy development


Our experts support you in the development and formulation of innovative, operationalized and effective strategies and conceptions, e.g. Customer Relation Management, Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, E-Commerce, Multichannel Marketing, Marketing Communication, Marketing Supply Chain, Marketing Procurement.



Synchronize planning top-down and results bottom-up.

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Typical questions

  • How can we improve our market- and customer centricity?
  • How can we achieve more with less?
  • What influence do "new media" have on our business model?
  • What are the opportunities for growth in the digital world?
  • How do we perfectly combine the potentials of the analog and digital world?
  • How do I make my marketing measurable and transparent?
  • How do I bring light into the cause / effect relationships in marketing, communication & sales?
  • What are the potentials for cost-cutting?
  • What are the starting points for a content-driven marketing strategy?
  • How do I effectively and efficiently implement a content-driven marketing strategy in terms of organization, processes and technology?
  • How do we increase the value of our brand?

Angebot Impuls-Workshop Strategie

Strategy Incentive Workshop


  • Process Audit / Assumption Audit
    How do we make strategic decisions, based on which principles and premises?
  • Results Audit
    To what extent does our strategy take into account digital business models, is the strategy chosen adequately, is it continuous, stringent, operationalized and synchronized?
  • Impact Audit / Marketing Controlling
    In what form, quality and continuity do we execute success checks and how do we react to deviations?
  • What are the root causes for strategy implementation gaps?


  • Classification of the marketing strategy ratio (maturity level) on a scale of 1–10.
  • Analyses of strength / weaknesses
  • Highlight areas of improvement
  • Recommendation of the procedure to systematically exploit the identified optimization potentials


  • Preparation / Kick-off briefing
  • Conduct of 1-day workshop
  • Post-processing / documentation of the results


10 working days from kick-off briefing to delivery of the results



7'500.00 CHF