Marketing Re-Engineering

Fundamentally changing market and communication conditions, along with the demand for efficiency and effectiveness, require smart technology / IT support in marketing.

Smart use of technology in marketing must be seen as a strategic success factor. Taking this into consideration there is a need for an integral (implementation) methodology that involves the technology level and that closes implementation gaps.

Marketing Re-Engineering


Methods model

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  • Marketing Re-engineering integrates the strategy and technology / systems level through the process layer. It is basically top-down. In practice, however, a project can have its starting point on each of the three levels. Innovations therefore affect all three levels and are only effective if they are implemented at all levels. The system or technology level either sets restrictions or can be seen as an innovator / enabler / accelerator for the upper levels.
  • Marketing Re-engineering represents a proven methodology of marketinghub, which creates optimal prerequisites for a timely and budget-efficient project implementation and to achieve corporate goals.
  • It is our response to the demand for a powerful marketing in a networked and multimedial world. Marketing Re-engineering is our answer for the necessary fundamental change in marketing, communication and sales. It takes into account the vital potentials for improvements emerging from the technology level and based on this foundation it focuses on interactive marketing, communication and sales processes that generate value for the customer.