Who we are – what we do

  • Marketinghub AG was founded in 2001 by experienced marketing, e-business and IT experts.
  • Our company is located in Reinach / BL, near Basel / Switzerland.
  • We are a neutral and independent research and consulting company.
  • We provide differentiated, cross-industry consulting services for medium- and large-sized enterprises in DACH region, which strive for excellence in marketing.
  • We support the marketing holistically – from strategy to organizational and from process to system development.
  • Our integral and proven marketing re-engineering methodology is a guarantee for a successful strategy and project implementation.
  • Towards our customers we act as consultants, coaches, sparring partners, change agents and devil's advocate.
  • Our team consists of qualified strategic, analytical and methodological experts.
  • As trendscouts we analyze and evaluate technology-driven changes and their effects with regard to consumer behaviour.
  • As analysts we compare and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the respective marketing software.


The core of our consulting is based on the scientifically founded and integral management approach of a competition-oriented information management. It is concretized by the information triple jump.

In addition to the representation and guidance of the enterprise through information systems, the traditional information tasks of marketing in the sense of information gathering and the transmission of information are considered.

The overall objective is to improve the corporate effectiveness and efficiency in order to achieve competitive advantages. Marketing plays a key role here.



Competitive information management

b.on Univ. Prof. Dr. Rolf Weiber

  • Marketing – marketing communication, service, sales, digital and analogue – in our understanding is an integral part of a corporate mission, which can make a substantial and measurable contribution to the success of a company.
  • Marketing in its interface function towards the market and the customer must be established as a strategic weapon and as a central source and the engine of change.
  • Effective and efficient marketing can hardly be achieved without smart use of technology.
  • The use of smart technologies in marketing has nothing to do with randomness or technology infatuation. It has to be seen as a strategic position of success that consciously need to be developed by companies.
  • Technology alone does not help and takes too short. Only the integrated consideration and synchronization of the strategy, processes and systems allows the exploitation of the fascinating potentials. The development of this is exhausting and requires, in addition to investments in human and technological resources, a radical rethinking, the willingness to change and obstinacy.
  • Our passion is for innovative and value-creating solutions which create measurable impact for our customers.